Luxury Weddings

At Natural Mystic we believe that luxury destination-based weddings should be sensational, beautiful and memorable- for all the right reasons. We know that a wedding is a highly personal and intimate affair where the ceremonies and parties are warm, tastefully done, detailed and fun. Our biggest strength is our truly customized service. We tailor each and every aspect of our work to your needs. No standard formulas. No sets. No themes. Just a spectacular, bespoke celebration.

Having pioneered the destination wedding industry 15 years ago, we have a wealth of experience organising weddings in South Asia. Some of our high-profile weddings include Elizabeth Hurley’s wedding to Arun Nayar in 2007 (, fashion designer Saloni Lodha’s wedding, and the wedding of the daughter of leading industrialist Bhai Mohan Singh, to name but a few.

Organising a luxury wedding in a distant destination can be a daunting challenge; the logistics involved in ensuring the best local suppliers, locations, hotels, and travel options are immense, particularly when language barriers are involved. Add to these considerations, the creative process, food and beverage planning and management, guest relations, as well as security, entertainment, and visa requirements – the totality of detail needed to create a spectacular event is enough to put most anyone off. This, however, is what we do best. Whatever kind of ceremony you may desire, Natural Mystic can organise, plan, and execute the perfect celebration.

We only take you to the most striking locations. Our 15 years of experience has not only given us a wide portfolio of venues, but has also provided us an in-depth understanding of the practicalities involved in working with each. No other company can match our experience and knowledge base. We encourage you to browse our events gallery to get a feel for some options: intimate garden paradises, a Robinson Crusoe island, an ancient fort, beach-side luxury villas, a tented oasis… inexhaustible possibilities.

We can create perfection from whatever idea you may have in mind. Rest assured that every last detail from flowers to cutlery is carefully considered to match your exact requirements. We provide only the most exciting entertainment options from traditional Indian dancers, elephants or acrobats to moody jazz bands. And whether you seek a taste of India or a particular treat, we will ensure you the best chefs and caterers offering sumptuous food, tantalising drinks, and the maximum in product selection and service.

We organise the entire logistical process from start to finish ensuring that your guests will be free to enjoy your most special of occasions. We make your dream wedding a reality.

CONTACT US to create your luxury Indian Wedding

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