RAAS Chhatrasagar provides luxurious tented accommodation on the edge of a lake in the middle of a private wildlife reserve, offering a uniquely tranquil setting within nature. Embodying Natural Mystic’s conscious travel policy, it is home to over 250 species of birds and a host of animals.

RAAS Chhatrasagar appears undisturbed by human hands. Yet, just fifteen years ago the land had been entirely used for farming, until the family decided to undertake a rewilding process, gradually returning the land to its natural habit. This marked the beginning of a long journey as shrubs and greenery grew back and natural predators were reintroduced.

As one of just a handful of rewilding projects in India, this is an innovative approach aimed at letting nature take care of and control over itself, reshaping landscapes that have been used and damaged by humans.

The Managing Director of RAAS Chhatrasagar, Nikhilendra Singhhopes told us that “We hope to impart a lot of wildlife knowledge, and we hope to impart some cultural and historical knowledge of the local villages”. This focus on not just the flora and fauna but also the wider local community illustrates how RAAS Chhatrasagar blends seamlessly into the local area rather than conflicting with it.

It is this foundation of supporting the natural environment that has shaped RAAS Chhatrasagar from the very beginning of its construction. Minimising the amount of concrete poured into the earth to create the restaurant and pool, less ecologically damaging and locally sourced stone and metal were used instead.

Of course, it is tough for a luxury hotel to be entirely sustainable when things such as air-conditioning are seen as essential, and RAAS Chhatrasagar embodies the ethos of not telling guests how to stay, beyond banning single use plastic.

Instead, the hotel has focussed on taking the leading role in minimising its environmental impact. By maximising insulation and investing in the latest energy and water saving technology, guests can relax in the knowledge that the hard work has been done for them.

The restaurant only serves local food, with each dish stating how far its ingredients have travelled. Indeed, being environmentally friendly is always on the top of the minds of staff, and guests are made aware of the sustainable measures in place. RAAS Chhatrasagar is sustainable luxury in the truest sense.