In 1971, a message was sealed in a bottle and cast into the waves. It read “found paradise, come quick.” The people who wrote it had just arrived in the then untouched Maldives. Today, despite being among the world’s most sought-after luxury destinations, you’ll find that little has changed. A holiday in the Maldives remains the perfect rejuvenating mix of sand, sun, and sea.

The Maldives are comprised of roughly 1,190 small islands scattered throughout the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean. Each island is its own respective paradise, replete with vibrant coral reefs and virgin, plam-fringed beaches. The islands vary in size and character- some are just sandbanks while others are tropical islands brimming with lush vegetation and turquoise lagoons. If it all sounds a bit surreal, that’s because it truly is – a holiday in the Maldives offers the ultimate escape, the ultimate fantasy made reality.

With its fragile ecosystem, mass tourism would sink the Maldives. Thankfully, only a limited number of resorts have been approved and we’ve handpicked only the very best. If you really want to make that dream a reality, we’d highly recommend consulting with us – we’ll assure that you have the ultimate luxury island experience.

CONTACT US to create your tailor-made holiday in the Maldives.

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