Raikas of Rajasthan

The Raika tribes are a nomadic people, occupying the western districts of Rajasthan and Gujurat, including the Thar desert. One estimate put their number at about 500,000, though Raikas many are abandoning the pastoralist way of life in the face of…

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RAAS Chhatrasagar: Hotel Launch

RAAS Chhatrasagar provides luxurious tented accommodation on the edge of a lake in the middle of a private wildlife reserve, offering a uniquely tranquil setting within nature. Embodying Natural Mystic’s conscious travel policy, it is home to over…

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Snow Leopard

On the trail of snow leopards in Ladakh

Snow leopards are rare and elegant creatures, combining the distinctive charm and allure of the cat family with the raw power and embodied violence of an apex predator. An untamed beast in an untameable region. They are remarkably elusive animals…

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Luxury trekking in the Himalayas

Luxury trekking in the Himalayas

This vast, humbling mountain range spans 3,200 kilometres stretching across the entire northern section of the Indian subcontinent. Adventures in this region can be challenging, rewarding and life changing. Natural Mystic offers some of the best…

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Where to stay in the Himalayas

Beyond traditional ideas of the Himalayas as perhaps a place for the most intrepid explorers, the Himalayas has something very special to offer those looking for the best luxury and everything in between. Referred to by Hindus as devatma, or…

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Buddhist Monks in Ladakh

Buddhism in Ladakh

‘Therefore, Shariputra, in emptiness there is no form, no feelings, no perceptions, no mental formations, and no consciousness. There is no eye, no ear, no nose, no tongue, no body and no mind.’ – The Blessed Mother, the Heart of the Perfection of…

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Himalayas Mountains and river

The man who makes glaciers

The climate catastrophe has taken a heavy toll in Ladakh. For decades, a warming climate has accelerated the melting of glaciers in the region, disrupting farming there. The Tibetan Plateau is warming up on average two degrees Celsius faster than…

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