Best known for Mount Everest and its elusive Yeti, Nepal is a destination you have to visit at least once in your life. A journey to Nepal is full of surprises. The diversity of cultures and landscapes squeezed into this little nugget of land between India and China is remarkable. Nepal has over two dozen distinct ethnic groups and tribes, speaking over 40 languages and dialects. Time your holiday to coincide with one of the country’s magical festivals and you’ll really get a feel for its unique blend of Hindu, Buddhist and other tribal traditions.

Aside from the country’s awesome cultural tapestry, nature has also done Nepal proud. Explore the subtropical forests and dense grasslands of the famous Chitwan National Park, home to the Bengal Tiger, Indian rhinoceros and snow leopard.

Then head for Nepal’s most awe-inspiring landscape- the ragged and majestic Himalayas. We believe there’s no better place to experience this humbling mountain range than Nepal. In addition to Everest, several legendary peaks stretch into the Nepalese sky, including: Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, Lhotse and Kanchenchunga. Marvel at their splendor on a once-in-a-lifetime mountain trek. Then return to the legendary capital of Kathmandu where you can share a beer with an Everest expedition just returned from the summit in one of the capital’s hundreds of fantastic restaurants and bars.

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