The only country in South Asia never to have been colonized, Bhutan’s unique cultural heritage has escaped the influence of the West and is all the more special and beautiful for it. Travel to Bhutan and you travel to another world, an ancient culture graced with some of the most breathtaking scenery the Himalayas has to offer.

To enter the mysterious “Land of the Thunder Dragon” – which only admits 10,000 visitors per year – always feels like a privilege. Monasteries cling to the sides of mountains in blessed isolation, colorful prayer flags rustle in the breeze, black-necked cranes lay silhouetted again the Himalayan skies, and rivers brim with trout – as nature intended.

No wonder Bhutan is considered one of our planet’s last ‘Shangri Las’.

All this makes a holiday in Bhutan the perfect fit if you’re looking for space, adventure and discovery. Travel in Bhutan is also an opportunity to step back and find inner peace in the simplicity of local life and the contemplation of majestic nature.

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