Travel in Rajasthan is something special. This is the “Land of Kings” after all – and you can expect to be treated like one. Elegant royal palaces, stunning boutique hotels and opulent desert camps provide the ultimate in luxury accommodation.

A Rajasthan experience will take you to bygone worlds which are still very much alive. Explore ancient forts, sumptuous palaces, atmospheric temples and magnificent dreamy lakes and you’ll discover that the state’s vibrant historical culture is apparent everywhere– in the vivid saris of tribal women, in the stone carvings adorning desert palaces and in the colourful bazaars where you can buy beautiful jewelry, antiques and textiles.

Travel throughout Rajasthan and you will find peace and excitement in equal measure.

Ride into the dunes of the Great Thar Desert atop a camel and watch the world melt away in a magical sunset. Or take an elephant safari and glimpse a tiger in the Indian wilderness.

A Rajasthan tour is best experienced from September to March.

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