We offer you some of the world’s oldest and most luxurious palaces, forts and royal homes, each built by some of the wealthiest families that ever lived – and yours for a night (or more). These aren’t just buildings; these are entire complexes complete with ornate architecture, sumptuous gardens, and magical views.

Imagine arriving for a birthday party like none other, beneath the imposing 100-foot walls of a medieval fortress, or getting married amidst the sublime tranquility of a Mughal garden. South Asia’s rich and ancient history has left the region with countless architectural marvels.

And whether they exist today only as abandoned ruins or have been renovated into luxury hotels, we can transform them into the ideal venue for your bespoke luxury event.

If the sun, sand, and tropics is more your cup of tea, we can find you the perfect villa, hidden beach or private island. With miles of coastline and some of the most special islands in the world, our beaches make for memorable gatherings. From sun-up to sun-down parties in a luxury yacht, to celebrations with friends in the world’s first and only underwater nightclub/disco, we can customize a special weekend for any occasion.

In your search for event venues, South Asia spoils you for choice…

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