Sri Lanka

A Sri Lankan holiday can be just about anything you want it to be. For a relatively small island country, Sri Lanka offers a tremendous amount to see and experience.

With a halo of white beaches, Sri Lanka’s heartland is an emerald green vision of tea plantations and rain forests, rivers and waterfalls, valleys and mountains. So, as you’d expect, Sri Lanka is teeming with wildlife. Its unique habitats are home to many species found nowhere else in the world. With luck, you may encounter the secretive Sri Lankan leopard, the distinctive Sri Lankan elephant, and even a crocodile or two.

Colombo is where all holidays in Sri Lanka begin and end. With its elegant colonial architecture, this tropical commercial capital has a charming old-world vibe. It also offers a superb array of shopping and eating options.

Once out of the city, you’ll find yourself in some of the best boutique hotels and hill retreats in the world. Or, for a really special experience, stay in one of Sri Lanka’s fabulous island villas and escape from the outside world.

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